Specifics of the business

Arsenault Dermatology is a fast-growing network of dermatological and skincare clinics, represented in several towns of Southern Florida, USA. The clinics provide all types of skin cancer surgery and treatment, as well as pediatric dermatology and skincare procedures.

Services provided:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Content marketing
  • Pay Per Click Ads


The client works in a very competitive niche, there are too many dermatology practices working in the nearby area. Due to extreme Sun, there are high risks to get skin cancer and other insolation-caused diseases. Also, Southern Florida is a popular recreation tourism destination for elderly people who live in the Northern part of USA and in Canada.

Due to well-tailored website and a range of long-term SEO activities, such as frequent content posting, internal optimisation and external linkbuilding, we at CRE8EGY have managed to provide stable appearance on the first page of Google positions by local search queries.

Social Media

The client’s social strategy lays in maintaining warm and friendly relations with patients. Sharing useful skincare and medical tips, stories from the clinical staff as well as holiday greetings and other posts are supported by careful savvy advertising “boosts”.

blog post The pages:

Content Marketing

Any medic worthy of the profession will tell you that educating patients is just as important as treating them. Increasing their awareness and helping them make right decisions regarding their health is a crucial thing. At CRE8EGY, we are implementing a thought-out content strategy by outsourcing qualified writers, covering many useful topics in accordance to the latest scientific data. It helps to attract local and existing clients to the website as well as broad english-speaking audience from the United States.

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Pay Per Click

Together with CRE8EGY team, we have carried out a number of pointwise PPC campaigns in order to attract visitors to the website, gain more subscribers to Social Pages, conduct sweepstakes, retarget existing clients etc.