Specifics of the business

Canyon is a brand of mobile and PC accessories owned by ASBIS (Cyprus), one of the largest IT distributors in EMEA region. Canyon offers a variety of entry-level accessories: Power Banks, Cables, Headphones, Mice, Keyboards, etc. The target audience is urban youth who follows modern trends and likes bright self expression.
The brand's products are sold in Russia, Eastern Europe and a few Asian countries.

Services provided:

  • Website building and content management;
  • Content production management;
  • Online marketing strategy development and supervision of its implementation in target regions;
  • Online support of major offline promo campaigns;
  • Customer support via website and social accounts.

Website Building and management

Canyon website consists of 3 parts: Presentational (upper part), Informational (lower part) and Product Catalogue with over 300 product articles (inside part). Once per quarter a batch of 10-30 new products is launched.

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The website has 8 multilingual versions that are permanently filled with new product translations.

Content Production Management

For all actual products, a constant content creation is held.
Product pages. texts and images. See example here https://canyon.eu/product/cns-chp4be/
Product videos. See all examples on YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/canyonacc

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Local Marketing Supervision and Support

Online Marketing activities (PPC, Social Media, etc.) are held by local offices in volumes that correspond to local sales. I provide guidance and support by advising and approving ads, article, Social content, etc.


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  • Participation in the "general idea" development;
  • Creating landing page and supporting online mechanics;
  • Registering payment receipts of participants;
  • Pay Per Click advertising supervision.

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Customer Support (most competitors don’t provide it)

Provided by me via website contact form and social messaging on the daily basis. I answer 20-30 inquiries per week, regarding:

  • Warranty requests;
  • “How to” questions;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Sales inquiries;
  • User advices and complaints