Specifics of the business

Canyon Gaming is a series of high-performance devices for gaming enthusiasts and people who like handy stylish PC tools.
The brand's products are sold in Russia, Eastern Europe and a few Asian countries.

Services provided:

  • Website building and content management;
  • Content production management;
  • Online marketing strategy development and supervision of its implementation in target regions;
  • Online support of major offline promo campaigns;
  • Customer support via website and social accounts.

Website Building and management

Canyon Gaming website is a presentational platform made in catchy gaming design. It contains 3d animations, product drivers, patches, presentations, etc.

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The website has 8 multilingual versions that are permanently filled with new product translations.

Content Production Management

For all actual products, a constant content creation is held.
Product pages. texts and images. See example here https://gaming.canyon.eu/product/cnd-sghs3/
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Local Marketing Supervision and Support

Online Marketing activities (PPC, Social Media, etc.) are held by local offices in volumes that correspond to local sales. I provide guidance and support by advising and approving ads, article, Social content, etc.

  • Participation in the "general idea" development;
  • Creating landing page and supporting online mechanics;
  • Registering payment receipts of participants;
  • Pay Per Click advertising supervision.

Customer Support

Provided by me via website contact form and social messaging on the daily basis. I answer 20-30 inquiries per week, regarding:

  • Warranty requests;
  • “How to” questions;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Sales inquiries;
  • User advices and complaints