Specifics of the business

Beamfly is the IoT service offering developed by software leader ETI Software Solutions. It has been developed to help users across diverse industries extract the true potential of sensor data by delivering strategic insights, real-time analytics and by enabling more functional and richer applications. Beamfly controls and monitors all devices, providing an end-to-end system with a single integration point delivered to the edge of the network.

Services provided

  • General SEO Consulting;
  • Website SEO fixes and internal optimization;
  • Blog copywriting;
  • Social posting


As the IoT topic is interesting to me personally, I was handling blog writing and social content posting on my own, without other freelance writers involvement.

Examples of my articles:
IoT Products The Next Generation Of Consumers
IoT In MHealth: Current Trends
Is There A Value In Developing A Custom IoT Solution For Non-IT Businesses?
IoT In Transport Logistics

Social Posting

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