Specifics of the business

WhoaZone is a chain of large on-water obstacle courses that work every Summer on different lakes in the US. The playgroungs made by the world's leader Wibit are always considered as top attractions for the whole family.

Services provided:

  • Content management;
  • Website leads and sales tracking;
  • Social Media Marketing
  • User support
  • Online publications monitoring
  • Promo activation
  • Pay Per Click Ads

Video content

Website Leads And Sales Tracking

A set of tools applied to each website’s button and link allowed to track every visitor’s purchase and generate monthly reports about leads and sales attracted from the Internet.

blog post

Social Media Marketing

Using the Client’s photo and video materials, I created social posts and posted to all social accounts on a daily basis, excluding Red Flag (bad weather) days. This activity was supported with Facebook ads and post “boosts”.

blog post Social Pages:

Visitor Support

Was provided by me and a person on the client’s side via social messaging and comments. I answered around 10-15 inquiries per day, regarding:

  • Weather conditions
  • Purchases and session shifts
  • Rules explanation
  • User reviews

Also, I communicated with visitors by commenting on their own posts about WhoaZone and encouraged them to visit the water park again.

Online publications monitoring

Every week, there were around 20-30 naturally posted publications in media and in popular Facebook/Twitter/YouTube channels about the water park. Those publications were not paid or controlled by the client, just appeared organically. That’s why I had to submit a monthly publications report.

Promo Activations

Weekly sweepstakes: 2 tickets lottery among those visitors who posted something good about WhoaZone.

Pay Per Click

During WhoaZone launch I have carried out a PPC campaign in order to build awareness, attract visitors to the website, gain more subscribers to Social Pages, conduct sweepstakes, retarget existing clients etc.